APC Finance

APC Finance is THE world leader in financing options for tech companies. We work strictly with tech companies who are either trying to build next-gen hardware, or software that is designed to make a lot of money.

We made the decision to become a finance company strictly for tech companies once computers became a household device rather than just a secret machine helping the Americans reach the moon. We saw the potential that the tech industry would become once home computers and video game arcades started to become the norm.

While we don’t want to give away some of the companies we have worked for just yet, we do want to make it clear that we have helped finance some of the biggest tech companies in the world. We knew that if we would lend companies money, it would be best to do it when they were most desperate.

This meant we were giving loans out to kids who were 16 and trying an idea they never knew
themselves would work. But that is what makes the tech industry so volatile when it comes to loans. You never plan to make your loans back. But if you do manage to receive your payment back, because the interest rates are so high you make a lot of money from it.

Sometimes, we don’t just offer loans with a high interest rate. We offer loans with the edict that we get a portion of the entire companies’ sales alongside it. That is what makes tech loans such a profitable and valuable loan to give. Over the years, this exact model has made us incredibly rich.

The tech industry is also an industry that will never die. There will always be new technology,
whether it is hardware or software. That is why we know we can continue our company despite any setbacks that may happen within the industry itself.

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